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Gas Purification Panel For GC, AAS And ICP
Gas Purification Pnel For GC, AAS And ICP
Providing you the best range of Gas Purification and Control Panel such as Gas Purification Panel, GC Panel, Gas Panel for AAS, ICP, GCMS, Gas Purification System, Gas Clean Filter, GC Filters and Traps and many more items with effective & timely delivery.
Specifications :
Compact design, wall mounted, powder coated
Deliver Ultra high pure (UHP) grade gases
Filters are easily detachable
Suitable for 10 kg/cm2 inlet pressure & 7 kg/cm2 Outlet pressure Deliver Ultra high pure (UHP) grade gases
1/4" or 1/8" fittings & tubing's for each line
Custom made Gas filter station can be made as per order 1/4" or 1/8" fittings
Gas Purification Panel is used in Gas Chromatograph for FID, TCD, ECD, ICP, MS, and AAS
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